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As the saying goes, if all you have is a hammer, all problems will look like a nail. While many Organization Development companies have “pat” offerings that are more or less off the shelf, we’ve rejected “fads” in the field like “empowerment”, left-right brain initiatives, “tests” or surveys that are utilized as standardized instruments, as we have found that these end up being very much like the proverbial hammer. Instead, OPAD has always taken every challenge as a unique opportunity to apply the learning and experiences we’ve amassed from so many years of work with companies of all sizes from various industries and geographies.

Since our inception, we’ve worked with numerous clients in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We’ve faced problem situations that are complex, fascinating and important. In each case we have identified, with the clients, the core issues and their causes, and have designed actions that are specific to those issues. Each person, organization and team deserve the depth of analysis that is often avoided with such cookie-cutter approaches. Given the successes we’ve had and the amount of experience we bring, we can quickly analyze issues, pin-point actions to address them and implement as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

We’ve helped design whole organization changes from Mission, Values and Visions implemented company-wide, as well as resolving far smaller issues within a team or across teams. We’ve provided coaching to executives at all management levels and again, our objective is to identify the specific skills or experiences needed and providing unique ideas, programs, and practices to help each individual to reach their highest potential.

OPAD has been doing business for over 34 years and we are honored to have so many long-time clients in addition to the ones that join us every year. As over 90% of our referrals come from word of mouth, it’s even more gratifying that our clients have found us helpful enough that they recommend us so strongly. In short, we believe we are uniquely qualified to provide the services that will help your organization exceed its goals. The writings and recommendations in our blog are intended to inform, entertain, and help with major issues.
Stay tuned and let us know if there are any particular questions you might like us to address and we’ll be delighted to do our best.

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